Doggy Socks - Red & Pink Heart

Doggy Socks - Red & Pink Heart

Our Price $15.97

Item#: 1995
Manufacturer: Doggy Style Design

Protect precious paws with ultimate comfort and style! Set of four socks with skid free pads help prevent sliding on slippery surfaces. Double cinching for secure fit. Can be used for in-between shoe or boot sizes to provide a better fit. Made of Cotton 79%, Spandex 17%, Elastic 4%. Made in the USA.

What makes it Special: Paws need to be protected from harmful surfaces and temperatures. These Doggy Style Designs Red & Pink Heart Socks are cute and stylish. Great for providing warmth for arthritic dogs, or as a protection to sensitive leg or paw areas after surgery. Check out all our great styles and colors of dog socks! For tiny and small breeds.

Sizing Information:
Small: 1.2" Width in Flatened State, Approx. 1.5" Length in Flatened State, 2.4" Entire Sock Length, Approx. 2.25" Stretched Paw Length
Medium: 1.5" Width in Flatened State, Approx. 2" Length in Flatened State, 3" Entire Sock Length, Approx. 2.75" Stretched Paw Length
Large: 1.8" Width in Flatened State, Approx. 2.5" Length in Flatened State, 3.5" Entire Sock Length, Approx. 3.25" Stretched Paw Length

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