Tips and Guideline for Measuring Your Pet

Measuring your pet is easy and fun! Here are the measurements you will most commonly need to determine sizing.


Measure the dog from the base (lowest part) of their neck to the base of their tail. The base of the tail is where the tail begins from the dog's back.


Measure the dog at the widest part of their chest around the ribcage.


Measure around the dog's neck where a collar would naturally rest. Remember to account for breathing room for your dog! You will also achieve more accurate measurements if your dog is standing when you measure him or her. We sometimes get requests from customers to indicate the correct size for their pet based on breed. We can offer some information, but ultimately this decision has to rest with the customer. Pets of the same breed will differ and have different sizes based on weight, height, length and so forth. Just as two humans of German descent may vary in size, so will German Shepherds!

Here is a video illustrating where to correctly measure your dog.

Measuring for Dog Boots

Measure from the front edge of the small pads to the back edge of the large pad. Depending on the boot, you might need to account for the length of the dog's nails. Consult the description of the particular shoe you're interested in for more information.

Measuring for Dog Collars

Measuring another one of your dog's collars can work to determine your dog's size, but we highly recommend that you also measure your dog's neck. Remember to leave some slack! You should be able to easily fit two fingers (flat) between the measuring tape and your dog's neck. A collar shouldn't be tight around your dog's neck, but it shouldn't be too loose, or it might snag on something. A snug fit is what you are aiming for.

Returning Pet Apparel

We are happy to accept returns for unworn pet apparel. Feel free to email us prior to your purchase ( if you need some extra guidance in obtaining the correct fit. We are happy to pass along additional guidelines or information direct from the manufacturer or designer if it is available. Thank you!